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About rebo

Hi there! Rebo is a brand new portfolio management and tracking application for UK private investors. In short, it’s the thing I have wanted for the last few years to replace my awful portfolio/net worth tracking spreadsheet.

If you want to cut to the chase and have a look at it, just sign up to try the beta version now.

If you want to learn more, read on.

The Problems

As my private investing ‘career’ has progressed, tracking my portfolio has become trickier for several reasons:

  • I hold assets in different tax wrappers
  • I manage my wife’s investments as well as my own
  • I am an ‘asset allocation’ investor and so I need to keep my portfolio in appropriate balance
  • I have made a few ‘interesting decisions’ in the past leaving me with legacy assets in my portfolio

All of these factors have combined to leave me with an extremely custom, messy spreadsheet which I use to manage our investments. This makes my ‘monthly financial review’ experience somewhat infuriating.

I actually set out the case for building Rebo at length on my blog at the start of 2018.

What I’ve built so far

At the moment, Rebo does the following

  • Records what assets are held in which accounts (you enter transactions whenever you make them)
  • Automatically keeps track of asset prices
  • Shows your portfolio’s asset allocation

What could this do?

The original thoughts I had about this had me building a robotic rebalancing service for asset allocation investors. Now that’s pretty ambitious and I don’t currently think that’s where Rebo is heading (although never say never!)

However, here are a few of the thoughts I’ve had about what I think could go on the app’s development roadmap:

  • Rebalancing trigger generation (perhaps you get an email or an alert when you login)
  • Automatic cost optimisation (e.g. an alert that you should transfer ISA provider because there’s a better deal elsewhere)
  • Tax optimisation (e.g. automatic detection of capital loss harvesting or bed-and-Xing opportunities)
  • Automatic portfolio unitisation and idealised portfolio performance measurement
  • Automatic indexing of portfolio performance (e.g. to RPI)
  • Actual portfolio performance metrics (e.g. internal rate of return, Sharpe ratio etc)
  • A ‘Portfolio Builder’ tool to help construct an asset split and execution strategy given some goals
  • Drawdown management (i.e. you tell it a Safe Withdrawal Rate, it generates the appropriate transactions for each withdrawal)
  • Financial independence progress tracker
  • Tracking of alternative assets (e.g. angel investments)
  • More extensive personal finance features (e.g. a MoneyDashboard alternative that doesn’t need access to your bank account passwords)

The possibilities are endless. But at the moment, I’m just going to hold my fire…

Come and join me!

As you’ve seen, I have a pretty grand vision for what Rebo can become. However, I don’t want to burn lots of time building something that nobody wants.

That’s where you come in!

If you’d like to be part of the Rebo journey and help me to make this software as useful as it possibly can be for you, then please come and sign up to try out the beta version.

Rebo’s a bit rough (and very simple) at the moment. But it is the foundation upon which I aim to build something amazing.

If you use it for the next few months, you should start to notice considerable improvements each time you log in. But if you really want to see some improvements, what I need you to do is to get in touch and tell me what you want.

I'd be eternally grateful if you could spare the time to do any of the following:

  • Spread the word about Rebo
  • Tell me if you find a bug
  • Send me your personal wish list
  • Have a chat with me about your requirements on Skype

Of course, if you just want to use the app and you’re not interested in getting more involved, that’s absolutely fine too – I’ll be glad to have you.

Get on board

If I’ve convinced you to sign up, that’s great

However, if you’re not quite sure yet and have questions to ask, please email me at hello@reboapp.co.uk.

I’m also really keen to hear what you would like to see Rebo become.

  • What should be on the roadmap?
  • How do you currently track your portfolio?
  • How could that experience be made better?

Thank you so much for your time.

-- Andy

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